Clichés and Seasons

There’s a belief that “it takes 21 days to create a habit,” and after three weeks of making healthy choices with regard to what I eat, I can testify to the statement’s truth.

As a “bad eater,” I often heard “good eaters” say things like the above, things which I thought sounded ridiculous. As I finished off yet another Large Zaxby’s Platter, I thought to myself that the people who said these things must just be liars. That, or they had to convince themselves that the weight loss clichés were true in order to keep themselves going.

But I find, more and more, that the clichés are true. Or at least partially true. One day at a time, I find myself feeling so much better, healthier, stronger that I can’t possibly see how they could be false. Well, all but one of them:

“Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” In moderation, there are TONS of things that taste as good as being thin feels, if not better. But one can’t subsist on Chocolate Stuff every day and expect to get [positive] results. It’s all about portion control, which brings me to our anniversary dinner this week!

This Wednesday was our wedding anniversary, so we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Seasons 52. Seasons 52 is a restaurant that cooks with the seasons, so they have neat specials all the time as well as some standby favorites. They were also the originator of those “dessert shots” that you now see at restaurants all over the place.

Anyway, what I love most about Seasons is that they keep the calorie count of every dish at 475 or below, so we were able to get great foods without screwing up our calorie counts for the day! Here’s what I had for dinner on Wednesday:

3 slices Steak and Cremini Flatbread (98 calories)
3 slices Portobello Mushroom Flatbread (108 calories)
Carmelized Sea Scallops with roasted asparagus and sun-dried tomato mushroom pearl pasta (380 calories)
Raspberry Cannoli Mini Indulgence (250 calories)
836 calories for an appetizer, main course with sides, and dessert! Can’t beat that. Well, I’m sure you can get three courses somewhere for less calories, but not for a meal that tastes better than being thin feels.

This Week’s Workouts:
Six Week Six Pack Level One every day except Wednesday. I am so stoked to start Level Two tomorrow because, after three weeks, I’ve pretty much memorized Level One.

Lost another pound (9 in 3 weeks) and another inch off my hips. Need to go shopping.

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