Two Weeks of Living Healthy

This week, our not-a-diet started to feel much more like business-as-usual for me. I’m by no means counting calories in my head, but I’m feeling far fewer cravings for the things I love to eat and know are bad for me.  A couple of meals in particular helped me to feel this way.

On Sunday, we went over to our friends’ house for dinner. If it were any other couple, I would have been very worried about the calorie count of the meal, but Paul is probably the healthiest eater I know, so I knew there was no chance we’d be getting anything super bad for us. This seemed like a good opportunity to venture out of the house for food.

Emily made a great tomato and watermelon salad, which we both loved in spite of our usual hatred of tomatoes.

I was so happy to see recipes online estimating this salad at 105-135 calories per serving! We also had cuscus (about 175 calories per serving) and yummy steak kabobs. In all, the entire meal was definitely less than 500 calories (before adding in beverages). Thanks to Paul and Emily for serving such healthy fare… though of course that’s the way they eat all the time.

We brought dessert, Patrick’s yummy chocolate chip peanut butter blondies (no recipe link since he made it up). The blondies were 150 calories for a very small serving, but naturally I wanted about twice that because they were so good!  The nice thing was that, because I had saved calories over the course of the day by eating super low cal foods, I was able to splurge a little bit at dinner/dessert. It was totally worth it because the dessert was a great ending to the meal!

On Wednesday, my sorority sister Casey and I had plans to go to the movies. I woke up that morning wanting some fast food, so I budgeted my calories again in order to be able to have some Wendy’s for dinner. I went online and looked up the nutritional info for each individual item I order when I go to Wendy’s and determined what I needed to order a smaller version of, or not order at all. Just like Sunday, I planned all my food for the whole day around the promise of dinner.

However, after I got my fast food meal that I had been waiting for all day long, I found that the food didn’t taste as wonderful as I anticipated AND my stomach was busting-at-the-seams-full before I even finished eating. On top of that, I was hungry again when I got home, but had wasted the bulk of my calories for the day on fast food (that wasn’t even that good), so I couldn’t have anything substantive to actually make me full.

It’s worth it to save calories for something that’s worth it.
 Fast food is not worth it.

Workouts for the Week:
Jillian Michaels’ Six Week Six Pack. EVERY DAY.
Level 1 is still very hard, though it gets easier each time. This week I am going to try to do the advanced modifications as much as possible.

Progress for the Week:
I lost one more pound, another half inch off my waist, and an inch off my hips. Some people might be upset with only one pound lost, but I’m more interested in converting fat to muscle than weight loss, so I am very happy to continue to see the inches coming off. I was able to wear jeans on Wednesday that I hadn’t worn in over a year, so that was exciting.

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