My Great Shame

I watch so much TV, y’all.  It’s not even funny.  My friend Emily posted recently about her favorite TV shows, so I thought I’d share what I’m watching now, from the very good to the very bad.

I watch almost nothing live.  We almost always have a full DVR!  I’m aware that I watch too much TV, but I’m not afraid to admit the shameful fact.




Not as funny as the first couple seasons, but still enjoyable.

I seriously would watch this show for HOURS.


Shut up.  I know it’s terrible.

I just started watching this a couple weeks ago through On Demand.  I’d heard one of the contestants has to do modified workouts because of leg problems.  While I’ve not yet had such severe MS symptoms that I have to modify workouts, that is a distinct possibility in the future, so it’s neat to see her still getting active despite her limitations.

We actually got into this show during the summer because they were airing reruns.  I wish more stations would air reruns during the off-season… it gives us a chance to give new shows – well, a chance.


This is my SHOW.  I’ve actually seen every episode of every season.

I absolutely love this show.  T is a total inspiration.

This is absolutely the funniest show on TV.

We started watching this show four or five years ago.  I’ve never been a big fan of procedurals, but I like that this one actually keeps a through-line.

This new show isn’t nearly as scary as I hoped it’d be, but it’s alright.  Getting better as it goes.


This show isn’t very consistent, but we keep watching it anyway.  Episodes like last year’s Halloween classic give us hope each week that maybe the next one will be great.

If you watched the start of season 1 and gave up on this one, I urge you to go back and try again.  It really has grown into itself.

I think Robert California (James Spader) is hilarious.  Of course I miss Michael Scott, but this show has done a lot of things over the years that I thought would ruin it, but somehow they all made it better.


Friday is the day when we catch up on all this DVRed nonsense.


On Saturdays, we watch SNL and just hope to see this:

Oh, and in addition to all of this, we watch College Football all day on Saturdays and NFL all day on Sundays.

I know this is kind of like an alcoholic asking about drink specials, but are there any shows I am not watching that I ought to be?

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1 Response to My Great Shame

  1. Definitely give homeland a try. Plus, I think there’s nothing wrong withe DVRed TV because you can fast forward commercials, and life doesn’t revolve around making it home to see a show every night (though, sometimes it does for me). You gave me some ideas–I’ll check some of yours out 🙂

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