Week’s Workout Recap – No Excuses

This workout week has been lackluster, and I’m kind of beating myself up about it.  So, first the recap, then the beating self up.


Saturday – Day Off (planned)
Sunday – Level One Ripped Workout, 3.1 miles
Monday – Level One Ripped Workout
Tuesday – Level Two Ripped Workout, 3.1 miles
Wednesday –  3.1 miles
Thursday – Day Off (unplanned)
Friday – Level Two Ripped Workout

Total Running Miles for the Week: 9.3
This brings my total for July to 44.9 miles. 


1. I set a goal at the beginning of the month of 70 miles this month.  It’s reachable, but I’ll have to definitely commit to 3 miles a day to get it done.  I cannot skip a day this week.

2. I skipped two days in a row on the Jillian workout, which meant today’s was HELL.  I’m considering doing Level Two through til Tuesday or Wednesday so that I can master the moves I have trouble with (which I wouldn’t need to do if I hadn’t skipped yesterday as well as Wednesday).  It’s only a half hour.  I should be able to fit it into my day.

3.  Of course, I always think I have REASONS not to when I choose not to work out or not to do both portions of what I’ve planned to do.  But there really isn’t a good reason not to do it unless I’m hurt (which I haven’t been).  I should be grateful to have legs that work, that allow me to run and jump and work out.  And I should show that I am grateful for these abilities by using them, not by sitting on the couch watching DVRed episodes of MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen (which I did instead of Jillian on Wednesday) or taking a nap (which I did instead of running today).

This needs to be my new mantra with regard to working out.  Tired?  Want to hang out around the house like a bum?  Well, I’m pretty sure that if I get to a point where MS puts me in a wheelchair or on a cane, I’ll feel like those were pretty dumb excuses not to use my legs while they still worked.

Do you make excuses not to work out?  How do you overcome the excuses you make to yourself?

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