Day 21 of 30 Day Shred – Week’s Workout Recap and The Start of Level 3

This week has been challenging for me workout-wise.  I’ve been really tired and working out has not been my number one priority most days.  Today I really, really did not want to do it at all… but if one day that I work out now is a day in the future that I don’t have to deal with MS symptoms, then every workout is worth it.  I know there will be days that my schedule prevents a workout, and I can’t help that, but when it’s just a feeling of “I don’t want to,” I have to power through it.


Saturday – Level 2 Shred, Walking around Universal (both parks) all day, Swimming
Sunday – Level 2 Shred
Monday – Level 2 Shred
Tuesday – Level 2 Shred
Wednesday – Level 2 Shred, 5 acceptable indoor miles
Thursday – Level 2 Shred, 3.1 brutal outdoor miles
Friday – Level 3 Shred

Total Running Miles for week:  8.1 (I know, I know.  It’s shameful.  At least I know I can’t do any worse than this next week.)

As for Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred, here’s what I have to say:
– Level 3 is DEFINITELY tougher than Level 2.  How tough?  Two of the cardio activities in Level 2 are in the warm up for Level 3.

– The best part of Level 3 is the incorporation of weights with cardio.  Jillian takes old cardio moves and adds weights to them for added resistance.  I LOVE this, especially since the moves she adds them to are some of the easier moves from Level 1 (shadowboxing) and Level 2 (high knees).

– The moves that are going to really give me a tough time are the walking plank and traveling pushups.  Patrick wasn’t sure what I meant when I said “traveling pushup” and asked me to demonstrate, so I did.  He did not laugh at me, so I’m proud of him for that.  I certainly would laugh at me.

– Level 3 is the only level workout on this DVD that made me feel sick.  Then again, that may be due to my poor choice of eating lunch at the Flying Biscuit about an hour before the workout.  I love the Flying Biscuit (and would eat there daily if Patrick and his good sense were not there to stop me), but too much of their awesome food combined with Jillian’s tough workout creates a feeling that my friend Emily recently described best with this photo:

Yeah.  Not the best way to feel while doing the last last few exercises.  This is a good reminder of why I usually work out about an hour after eating a breakfast consisting of a bowl of Special K, 2 eggs, OR some toast and a banana… NOT an hour after eating a meal consisting of 2 eggs, potatoes, chicken sausage, AND a biscuit.

(I thought about lying to you guys and saying that I didn’t eat it all, but I’m no liar, and this ain’t no diet blog.)

As far as Shred results, I can say the following with certainty as of Day 21:
– I’ve lost 3 inches around my chest/back.
– I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist, which really just means my jeans fit normally again.
– I didn’t measure anything else before I started (I measured these on day 2 as an afterthought), so I don’t know what effect it has had anywhere else.

I did not weigh myself when I started, but I weighed myself today and I have lost a little weight compared to what I usually weigh.  Again, though, I’m not doing the Shred to lose weight… I’m doing it to tone up and learn how to add strength training to my workouts.  So far, I’d say it’s definitely accomplishing the goal.

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