Day 14 of 30 Day Shred – Week’s Workout Recap

I’m still having a great time visiting family in FL.  We’ve had fun seeing movies both good (Midnight in Paris, Mom’s choice) and terrible (Green Lantern, Daddy’s choice) and just generally spending time together.

Tomorrow, Daddy is playing golf, which means Mom and I will be headed to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!

This is a photo that I took of Hogwarts on last year’s visit.  Since my annual pass expires next month, I need to get in one last trip.  While I love the magic of Disney, Universal is great because it has more coasters and better food.  They also have pretty affordable annual passes that cost about the same as two normal-priced 1-day tickets.  I am excited to enjoy a day at the park with my mom.

And I will drink one of these regardless of what Jillian Michaels might have to say about it.

Yum, frozen butterbeer.  I have no idea how many calories are in it and could not care less.

Saturday – Day Off 😦 (read my brilliant excuses)
Sunday – 5 miles, Level 1 Shred workout
Monday – Day Off 😦  (evil neck disease)
Tuesday – 3.1 miles, Level 2 Shred workout
Wednesday – Level 2 Shred workout
Thursday – 1.5 miles, Level 2 Shred workout, Swimming
Friday – Level 2 Shred workout, Swimming

Total miles:  9.6

With only 38 miles so far this month, I’d say it’s pretty certain that I won’t be getting in enough long runs in the next two weeks to get to my initial goal for the month.  Then again, I also knew my goal was slightly insane at the time that I set it.


Since I am dedicating time to the Shred DVD each day, I’m knocking down my running mileage goal to a reasonable 70 miles.  Since I’ve already got 38 miles down, I’m sure I can get in another 32 miles over the next 16 days.

What is your favorite amusement park to visit?

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2 Responses to Day 14 of 30 Day Shred – Week’s Workout Recap

  1. kacie kratzert says:

    I have looked up the calories in Butter Beer…and was VERY pleasantly surprised! I was expected each one to have like 1000 calories but its waaaay less…no way of knowing whether the number I found is actually accurate but I am sticking with it…if you wanna know, just ask!

    • EGL says:

      I have this feeling that I’m better off not knowing… I like to think that walking around the park burned it all off, but I’m probably wrong… but share away! I am really curious.

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