Week’s Workout Recap – Too Darn Hot

Every summer that I live in the south, I think it can’t possibly get hotter.  This year, I’m saying it again.  It’s only June 3, and it’s already in the mid to high 90s every day! Supposedly we shouldn’t expect any rain or temperatures below 90 until Tuesday.  They even said on the news today that small children and people with asthma (me) should not do outdoor activities between 2pm and 6pm because of the heat!

This is how it feels when I run outside in this weather.

This week:
Saturday – 5 miles
Sunday – 8.1 miles
Monday – 6.2 miles
Tuesday – 3.1 miles
Wednesday – 3.1 miles
Thursday – Day Off 😦
Friday – 6.7 miles

Week Total: 32 miles

This week’s workouts varied (both in terms of distance AND in terms of how I felt about them).  Last weekend was GREAT; I felt strong and confident in my runs, which were longer than usual.  However, it has been so hot since Monday that I’ve been dreading running.  Yesterday I even took a day off because I just didn’t want to go out in the heat!  Now that school is out, I really need to start getting up a lot earlier to run in the mornings… today I waited until noon to go out and it was just excruciating.

Any suggestions on how to beat the heat?  (Other than, of course, staying hydrated.)

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