100 Mile May

I’m proud to report that after an easy 3.1 miles today, I hit my second goal for the month of May (100 miles in a month!).  I feel very proud, since this was never a goal I would have even attempted in the past because I would have thought it would be so time consuming.  In April, I ran only 25 miles, mostly because I used rehearsals after school as an excuse to miss out on exercise.

One of the things that I learned this month is that while it is time consuming to make running a part of my daily routine, that’s not a bad thing.  Really, in the realm of things, what am I cutting out of my day if I make sure running is part of it?  I can spare that half hour I might have spent on facebook or that hour that I might have spent vegging out on the couch.  Those things will not make me healthier.  I will never regret running instead.

I don’t know that I will be able to keep up 100 miles or more in a month once school starts in August and I have rehearsals after school, but I know that I can at least spare a little time each day to get my heart rate up and get myself moving.  I’m taking my goal-setting a month at a time right now.

1. Run outside, even though it’s insanely hot out there.
2. Add in some additional, non-running workouts.  My friend Laura and I will be starting 30 Day Shred as soon as we receive our copies.  I also own weights which I never touch, so I will try to do a little weight training.
3. After this week, raise my weekly goal to 30 miles a week, giving me the ability to do 5 miles a day for 6 days, and reach my goal each week even if I take a day off.  I am jealous of my friends who post on their blogs about an “easy 5 mile run,” so I want to work on making 5 miles my average run (instead of 3.1).  This means my overall goal for the month of June will be 120 miles.
4. Select a race to register for.  The race does not have to be during the month of June, but I just want it to be something I can look forward to.

What are your current fitness goals?

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7 Responses to 100 Mile May

  1. Jer G says:

    To be able to run at all… 🙂 Post high school hasn’t kept me in shape

  2. Laura says:

    Easy five mile run?”


  3. D-Wag says:

    Although I’ve been training a lot lately, I haven’t written down any goals. I guess now is as good a time as any:

    1) 5 freestanding handstand push-ups in a row. No walls allowed, no coming down from the handstand between reps.
    2) 100 lb. weighted chin-up. I haven’t tested my max yet, but I’ve done 50 lbs. for three reps.
    3) 200 lb. bench press. I’m at 180 lbs. now… my bench press is sorta lacking.
    4) Sidesplits. These will be my profile picture once I get them.
    5) Do the daily Titanium Ankles regimen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B1XvEbJUKE

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the first two done before the end of June, but I can definitely have them by the end of the summer.

    • EGL says:

      Wow, I thought you already had your sidesplits!

      If I could do one handstand (even with wall support), I would consider it a success.

      • D-Wag says:

        I was talking to my dancer friend about splits. Turns out, what trickers call “front splits” are what dancers call “sidesplits,” and what trickers call “sidesplits” are what dancers call “middle splits.” I pulled off some front splits (dancer “sidesplits:” one leg in front, one leg behind) in Camelot, but I never worked up to tricker sidesplits (one leg out to the left, the other to the right, which are dancer “middle splits”). So yes, long explanation aside, you’ve definitely seen me do one kind of sidesplit before, but now I’m trying to get the other kind!

        And heck, apparently you have no problem committing yourself to demanding training… If you put some of that energy into handstands, I don’t think a wall pushup would be very farfetched for you!

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