Week’s Workout Recap – Why My Dog Will Never Be a Runner

This week’s workouts were about as lame as last week’s.  It’s finals week, so each day I come home with a stack of exams to grade.  Next week, I won’t have that excuse, so I will have no “reasons” standing between me and a great workout every day!

THIS WEEK (Since I did last week’s recap on a Friday, recaps will be on Fridays):
Saturday: 3.1 miles
Sunday: 3.1 miles
Monday: 3.1 miles
Tuesday:  Day Off
Wednesday: 3.1 miles/1.5 miles
Thursday: 1 mile (more on this in a minute)
Friday: 3.1 miles

Total for the Week: 18 miles

Now, about Thursday’s workout:

Every time I see people out running with their dogs, I think “I should take Killer out running with me!”

Look at these people! They are RACING with their dogs!

So yesterday after arriving home from school I decided to bring Killer out for a run with me.  Killer is a 12 lb Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix who loves to go on mad dashes around my house for no apparent reason.  One of her favorite things is to run up and down the stairs.  Since she loves long walks with me and loves running inside on her own, I figured she would love it!

She did not love it.

Our neighborhood is basically a big hill that we live at the bottom of.  If you go around all of the cul-de-sacs, it’s exactly a half mile from one end to the other, so my plan was to take Killer on a 1 miler and then drop her back at home to finish on my own.  I knew the pace wouldn’t be quick, but I had no idea how NOT into it she would be.  She does not like walking up the hill, so usually our walks are just around the circle that we live on.  When we started up the actual hill, she immediately started complaining.  She did not want to keep up any sort of pace beyond a stroll and did not understand why I wouldn’t just stop and take her home.

We got through the mile together, but it probably took close to 20 minutes because she kept stopping to pout.  Not fun.  She wins.  From now on, when I go out to run, she will be on the couch.

Goals for next week:

I’d like to hit at least 25 miles for the week next week.

I’d also like to hit 90 miles for the month of May.  I’m hoping to hit it by Monday, but I think I should definitely get it done by Wednesday.

What goals do you use to keep yourself motivated?

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