My Best-Worst Run

I actually took the day off from running yesterday, which is rare for me.  It was my second day without a run during the month of May, which I hate.  However, I’d stayed up until 2am the two nights prior, and exhausted doesn’t even explain how I felt when I got up yesterday morning with only a little over 4 hours sleep for the second day in a row.  Not fun.  So I planned on a nap after school so that I would be well rested going into my students’ exams (which started today).  I slept from 5:30 until almost 8:00, and it was glorious.

That brings us to today’s workout, which I expected to be awesome, but ended up being sort of crappy.

– I had a day’s rest yesterday, so I was less fatigued than on my last workout (Monday) when I was running on very little sleep.
– I got my new armband for my Zune in the mail yesterday.  My Ipod armband is almost 4 years old and constantly falls off my arm, so I really needed a new one.  The Zune holds more music, which is great, and I got to listen to my new workout playlist today.
– I wore my very favorite outfit:  my pink Nike dri-fit tee and Nike dri-fit running capris.
– I have a spibelt now, which allows me to carry my keys and phone without having to hold them in my sweaty running hands.

-I live in Georgia.  It is so, so ungodly hot here, y’all.  95 degrees when I left the house to run today.  Yuck.  I think I was sweating before I even made it a quarter of a mile.
– Because it is “sort of” summer and the kids around here have a half day and no homework, there were kids all over the neighborhood sidewalks on their bikes/scooters/skateboards and in my way.  I kept having to cross the road.
– Eventually I could not take the heat and decided to go to the gym, where the AC was out.  So it was actually just as hot in the gym.
– In all, I did 3.1 miles in the gym and about 1.5 miles outside.  Lame, when my plan was to do 6.2 today.
– My spibelt and armband are red and black.  My earbuds and shirt (and the details on my running shoes) are pink.  This mismatching means that every time I wear my favorite outfit on a run I will clash.  I know this doesn’t matter, but it was just annoying.

What makes a workout or run especially good or bad for you?

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2 Responses to My Best-Worst Run

  1. Laura says:

    Good is when I either finish a mile at a new, faster pace or manage to add even a little distance at my current “normal.”

    Bad is when my calves start to ache one lap in and I’m just counting the minutes until the whole ordeal is over.

    Spibelt? What is spibelt?

  2. EGL says: – It’s the perfect size to carry a phone and keys, great for an outdoor runs if you don’t like carrying your stuff (as I don’t). It also doesn’t bounce.

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